Some Friends

by Sarah Mary Chadwick

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b-side from Eating For Two


Some friends you get to keep
some are passing on a current.
Some are never there when you need them
some are holes to pour your love in.
You turn around and its like they never were
they leave you feeling bankrupt and bitter
like you wasted your time on a shadow in a mirror.

The good ones you let, let them roam around your head
The bad ones can be fun, but they always disappear in the end
Sometimes it takes years to discover they're rotten
party through the good times, and in the bad you're forgotten
You know who you are, the day will come you're the down trodden.

He is the one who'll stick to me, we breathed too much of the same air
to ever be apart. though I'll get shuffled down the pile of importance, I
know he'll always be there.
This one's love and friend combined, like I never saw or had it before. Each half keeps the other half alive, feeds the other, makes the oher whole.
Well I hope you're not a leaf on the current, I'm grabbing you but you're floating away.
Who flung you on that current, it doesn't feel like it was me, there's only so long I can swim after you, before you're lost at sea.
Before you're lost at sea
Before you're lost at sea.


released June 25, 2012



all rights reserved


Sarah Mary Chadwick Melbourne, Australia

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